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VrmlMerge - convert VRML to X3D, merge VRML 97 files, WRL examples

On this page you can find the VrmlMerge program and a couple of VRML'97 visualizations (including some big ones) which can be run and viewed online.

VrmlMerge is a usefull tool for VRML and X3D - more on this in the VrmlMerge section.

To use VrmlMerge you need Java, and to view VRML (.wrl files) examples you need a VRML browser. You can find links to some good browsers in the links section.

News (May 2006):
VrmlMerge v0.5 BETA appeared!
It has the following improvements:
  • support for data protocol
  • support for PROTOs/EXTERNPROTOs inside of nodes
  • smaller memory consumption when converting to X3D (about 5 times)
  • some bugfixes