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VRML 97, X3D examples, .wrl files

Here you can see my VRML'97 visualizations (thanks to VrmlMerge they can be converted to X3D too).

The biggest one is a visualization of Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland. My former university I graduated in 2004.

"A House" is a visualization of some imagined house (as you could guess...;) If you read about VrmlMerge features you'll see that it was tested on this visualization - some statistics about it can be found there.

Rectangle to sphere is a simple VRML'97 visualization of a rectangle which, when clicked, morphs itself into a sphere. The rectangle is covered with a texture representing earth so after transforming we get our globe in 3D.

Cell phone is a small 3D model of a cell phone as its name implies... ;) Not really interactive (but it could be), just to see how small objects can be modelled.

To view any of mentioned visualizations you must have a VRML'97 browser. If you don't have it then go to my links page to get one.

Some screenshots:

Faculty screenshot 3

House screenshot 1

Cell phone screenshot

Rect2sphere screenshot 1