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Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in VRML'97 (Adam Mickiewicz University)

This visualization is a complex and quite big example what VRML can do. It contains a number of virtual tours as well as many animations and interactive elements (doors, windows, curtains, elevator etc.)

It's a 3D model of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of Adam Mickiewicz University in PoznaÄ?Â? (Poland) which I graduated in 2004.

It was also processed with VrmlMerge (merge wrl files and merge images) so now it consists of about 5 files (one wrl file and 4 sound files). I tested it with Contona VRML Player and BS Contact. It may also work with other browsers but you may have problems with virtual tours (Octaga player has such problems).

Before running make sure you have a fast computer (at least 1,5 GHz or a good video card) and a lot of free RAM (especially Cortona uses much memory - like 200MB).

Click on any image to run this visualization (requires a VRML capable browser)

Faculty screenshot 1

Faculty screenshot 2

Faculty screenshot 3