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VrmlMerge FAQ

Here you can find answers to some questions which can come to your mind when using VrmlMerge.
Q: What are the file size limitations for VrmlMerge?
A: When you run it from your browser (Run live option) memory which can be allocated by it (and any other Java applet) is limited to 64MB. If it isn't enough (you get some OutOfMemory exceptions) then you have to download VrmlMerge, and run it as a normal application remembering to give it more memory: e.g. java -jar -Xmx512M VrmlMerge-<version>.jar to give it 512 megabytes of memory...
Q: After merging my visualization most textures are missing/are not displayed correctly.
A: VrmlMerge does not change urls so consider this situation:
  1. You have main file: main.wrl
  2. You have many files which are inlined/externproto'ed from main.wrl - those files are in "include" directory
  3. You have textures in "textures" directory
Now - when included files refer to texture files they use paths like "../textures/image.jpg". When you merge your visualization this path still remains in output file. But it's not correct anymore - now you should have a path like "textures/image.jpg". So - the solution is very easy - open the output file in any text editor and replace all occurences of "../textures/" with "textures/". That's it. Maybe in the future this will be done automatically by VrmlMerge. But it's not always so easy - you may have some urls changed inside of scripts - they will never be corrected by VrmlMerge - you have to do it manually.
Q: I have a .wrl file but VrmlMerge doesn't work with it.
A: First check if the file isn't compressed with gzip. If you try to view it in some text editor and you see some mess then it's probably the case. You have to ungzip it first. If file isn't compressed then check if the file is a correct version of VRML - it should be VRML'97 only (see the first line of the file).
Q: Why are output files so huge?
A: Sometimes, especially when you use "Convert textures" command the output file gets really big. To overcome this problem you may trying to:
  1. compress file with gzip utility
  2. decrease textures/images size before using "Convert textures"
  3. decrease "Bits per color" value before using "Convert textures"
  4. NEW - v0.5 use the "Use data protocol" option. But mind that it isn't supported by all browsers (BS Contact doesn't support this)